In earlier days when families were large, seniors in the house had younger members in the family to look after them. In the present-day we see in most families, children displaced from parents, either working in different cities or in foreign countries. Even if they are living with their parents and elders, in households where both men and women are working, they are left with little time to be physically present and provide them required attention and assistance. With the sizes of families shrinking and life becoming a never ending race, elders are often left to fend for themselves and look after their needs.

Despite their age many parents continue to perform duties towards their wards selflessly though they deserve a fulfilling retired life.

Tapovan offers Senior Citizens and families, who are unable to render better physical services to their elders, a beautiful retirement life with all comforts. Built within a serene living space, Tapovan has all the features that you would want: prompt housekeeping services, timely fresh and healthy choices of food, round the clock medical assistance and a number of other features, that will let you cherish your old age with dignity and joy.

  • Independent Villas, Row houses
  • Efficient Housekeeping
  • Assisted Services for sick persons
  • Round the clock Nursing Assistance
  • 24 hours power back up
  • Timely, fresh and healthy choices of food
  • Prayer hall
  • Recreation centre and many more